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Have you ever lost track of your items' expiry dates and end up throwing the items away? Have you ever open your fridge to search for your favourite chocolate, only to realise that it has already expired? Fret not! Xpire is here to save you! With features to help you keep track of your items' expiry dates as well as to remind you of soon-expiring items, you will never have to worry about when your items are expiring again. Next time, you will be sure to eat that chocolate before it expires!

Interested to try out our application? Head over to the UserGuide to get started!

  • Xpire is a desktop expiry date tracker. It has a Graphical User Interface (GUI) but most of the user interactions happen using a Command Line Interface (CLI).

  • It is a Java application that hopes to automate and simplify the tracking of soon-to-expire items, mainly intended for students living on campus.

  • Xpire is an open source project that welcomes contributions from the community. If you are interested in contributing to this project, head over to the Developer Guide to get started!

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